Drawbacks of E-commerce

Drawbacks of E-commerce

  1. No purchases can be made when the site crashes

One of the greatest drawbacks of e-commerce is that once the site crashes all the purchases are put on hold. That is why it is important for businesses to make sure their website is hosted on the proper platform or they might face site crashes. For instance, Shopify provides stores with free hosting in their fee so that they get the best servers.

  1. No trial option

Since e-commerce is all about shopping online, there is no option for a proper trial. Unfortunately this becomes a huge drawback, especially in terms of clothing, shoes and makeup. It is hard to buy these products online as you cannot try the option before purchasing it. Unfortunately due to the no trial option, many people receive the wrong product in terms of size and color shades.

  1. Highly competitive

The best niche is the one that is the most competitive in the market; therefore people are attracted to them at the most. As the level of competitiveness increases so does the price of the ads for the niche. To attract more consumers target the audience that your competition is not going after. You can work through the competition with the help of Facebook ads, and if that does not work you can turn to SEO optimization. If your competition uses Twitter, turn to Instagram to promote and advertise your products.

  1. Answering queries can take time

In a physical store, if a person has a question regarding the product, they can ask the sales person at that very moment. However that is not the case with online shopping. In an online store the customer service is bound to take some time to answer all the customer queries which can make the customers quite impatient. Customers expect their query to be answered within an hour’s time, if stores fail to do that they are bound to move to another store. Customer service representatives need to be online 24 hours, 7 days a week to answer the given queries at a faster pace.

  1. Products need to be shipped

Another drawback of e-commerce is that products need to be shipped out and that takes quite a while. In a physical store, customers can buy their products and take it home at that very happen. On the other hand, delivery with online stores takes more than 24 hours which can be quite inconvenient to customers.

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